Fascinating encounters with Jerusalemites inspired Ruth Tzfaty, a native Jerusalemite herself, to produce The Jerusalem Album: People Creating a City.
The book presents a lavish assortment of dazzlingly lovely pictures by photographer Daniel Leilah as well as feature articles that bring to life the Jerusalem experience and are a creative work in themselves.
The personal stories of the artists, creators, and craftsmen represent a biographical sketch of the city today.
Each one has a distinctive role to play: some are attached to the earth and some are attached to the spirit; there are those who preserve ancient crafts based on traditional lore transmitted from one generation to the next and those who are innovators and initiators with original inventive ideas that place the city at the forefront of international notice.
Jerusalem for its part grants these creators inspiration, shining upon them and illuminating from within their creations, while they by their very being spread over the city a fascinating panoply of colors and transform it into a city which is unparalleled.


Writing associate

Dorit Graiver

Jerusalem tour guide,
founder and director of
the tour company ‘Yerushalmit’.
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based on the book,

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Galit Dahan Carlibach

Author and Jerusalem
tour guide, columnist for
a national newspaper.
Author of: The Locked Garden,
On the Edge, and Mystia which
won the ACUM Prize.


Daniel Lailah.

Graduate ‘Camera Obscura.’ Photographs regularly for magazines, advertising companies, and book publishers in Israel and abroad.

Design and creative management
Ira Ginzburg.

Owner of company for branding, design, and
creative management.

Hebrew language editing: Kinneret Yifrach
Translation to English:  Sharon Blass
          © All rights reserved to Ruth Tzfaty 2014